The Belarusan-American Association, Inc. (BAZA)

BAZA* is a fraternal organization whose members share a connection to the Belarusan (also spelled Belarusian) nation through ancestry or strong personal ties. The organization was founded in the United States in 1949 by post-WWII immigrants who fled war and repression in Belarus and wished to enjoy the opportunities for cultural self-expression provided and celebrated in the United States. 

BAZA consists of local chapters across the United States in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Connecticut, California, Washington D.C. and other locations. Each chapter is governed by a locally-elected governing body. 

The Belarusan Youth Association of America (BYAA) operates under the auspices of the organization and provides special opportunities for education, cultural celebration, volunteerism, and activism by youths and young adults in the Belarusan-American community.

BAZA’s National Board of Directors guides the policies of the organization and oversees the local chapters. The National Board and chapters operate under the regulations of BAZA's Charter and U.S. law governing non-profit and fraternal organizations.

BAZA members participate in meetings and other activities of the organization, pay membership dues, and received BAZA publications, such as the monthly newspaper Biełarus and the English-language quarterly Belarusian Review     ( ,    ) . 

  • promotes preservation, advancement, and celebration of Belarusan culture and history
  • promotes contributions by Belarusans to American society
  • provides support to the organization’s members
  • informs American society and leadership about the history and culture of Belarusans and the state of affairs in the modern Republic of Belarus
  • advocates for traditional Belarusan values, democratic development, and respect for human rights in the modern Republic of Belarus
  • jointly administers the biennial convention of North American Belarusans with the Belarusan Canadian Alliance
  • oversees and contributes to the publication of books and periodicals on Belarusan topics
  • works with other U.S. organizations with respect to issues of common concern    
BAZA is the Belarusan-language abbreviation of Biełaruska-Amerykanskaje Zadzinočańnie