Everything You Ought to Know About Fitted Wardrobes

Wardrobes are designed to store clothes in an organized way. Fitted wardrobes are designed in the room to ensure they fit perfectly in the designated place. As such, these wardrobes come with the exact measurements (metrowardrobes.co.uk). Fitted wardrobes run from the floor to ceiling to avoid awkward spaces in the bedroom.

Types of fitted wardrobes

There are different types of fitted wardrobes as discussed below:

  • Bed-fitted wardrobes

These are ideal for homeowners who have minimal floor space. The rails are placed on either side of the bed and then the wardrobe goes above the bed headboard (https://www.metrowardrobes.co.uk/bespoke-fitted-wardrobes/). The overboard headspace can be adjusted to fit desired taste.

  • Alcove fitted wardrobe

In cases where the room has an alcove, this type of fitted wardrobe works marvelously. The interior design is tailor-made for each alcove.

  • Wall-to-wall fitted wardrobe

This is commonly installed since it can be built in any space and size of the room. The interior and exterior of the wardrobe can be designed to perfectly fit the room.

  • Walk-in fitted

Such wardrobes are preferable for homeowners who have an extra room. The shelves, hanging rails, and drawers are fitted in the three walls. Another option is sparing one of the walls for a dressing space with a dressing table.

Factors to consider when choosing a fitted wardrobe

The following are the main factors that you ought to consider when choosing the perfect fitted wardrobe:

  • The inside of the fitted wardrobes.

You have to design the storage space needed. Is a shoe rack needed? Should the shelf space be more than the rail space?

  • Doors

There are different types of doors; sliding doors and hinged doors (https://www.metrowardrobes.co.uk/bespoke-sliding-wardrobes/). Sliding doors need minimal space since it doesn’t require space to open, unlike the hinged doors.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors can be positioned inside the doors or have a dressing table incorporated with small mirrors installed.

Advantages of fitted wardrobe

Here are the main benefits of having a fitted wardrobe in your home:

  • Efficient use of space

Fitted wardrobes are designed to fit the desired space with no wasted space.

  • Variety of designs and finishes

The color of materials used to build the wardrobes can be chosen to complement the furnishings. You can also choose from different styles including lighting inside the wardrobe thus giving an easier view even during the night.

  • Tailor-making the wardrobe to meet the needs

The wardrobe is designed to fit all the needed considerations of the homeowners.

  • Easy to clean

Unlike movable wardrobes which at times are risky to clean to instability, fitted wardrobes are stable which makes them easier to clean.

  • More storage space

Since maximum storage space is utilized, this means that you will have more space for storage.

Disadvantages of fitted wardrobe

Just like every other fitting in your home, this type of wardrobes has some drawbacks such as:

  • Fitted wardrobes are permanent

Homeowners who love redesigning their rooms occasionally, this will not be the best option since these wardrobes are permanent.

  • Nox exactly pocket-friendly

Fitted wardrobes require more finances to set up in comparison with movable wardrobes.

  • Long delivery time

Since fitted wardrobes are built after the owner orders which take factors such as preferences into consideration, it can take some time to complete the build.

Final word,

Fitted wardrobes are a great addition to any room, thanks to their versatility. There are many pros associated with this kind of wardrobes as compared to mobile wardrobes. They also give the homeowner a sense of belonging since their interest are put into place.

However, before putting up the fitted wardrobes, consider the style that best fits. Hasty decisions may end up ruining your future intentions.

Everything You Ought to Know About Fitted Wardrobes