5 Most Inventive Uses of Wardrobes

Wardrobes are the home’s most undervalued inventions. In fact, wardrobes are so much more than a simple piece of furniture. There is a story in every wardrobe and so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that wardrobes have been with us since time immemorial.

There have been various advancements of wardrobes over the centuries. Not just in terms of their physical appearance, but also in regard to their functionality as well as storage capacity.

So let’s take a look at some crazy-cool uses for wardrobes throughout history.

1. Safe House

In ancient times when people were still taking their first steps in architecture and town planning, wardrobes were a necessity. In fact, they even served as a sort of sanctuary during those times, if you can call it that, for many children who hadn’t even been born yet! That’s right; wardrobes used to be quite safe haven for pregnant women!

2. Shelter Wardrobes or Public Wardrobes

These wardrobes were the most urgent needs in ancient cities and towns. In fact, these wardrobes looked more like big boxes for storing bodies; large enough to hide many humans inside from the dangers that lurked outside.

3. Secret Passageways

Apart from their primary use as clothing cupboards, wardrobes had other purposes as well, sometimes even lending themselves to secret passageways too! Wardrobes also served as passageways to the upper floors and other rooms.

4. Secret Compartments

Wardrobe doors are a great place to hide small treasures or important documents. They’re most likely to be safe from prying eyes because unlike other furniture pieces wardrobes don’t usually receive much attention!

You can easily store a diamond ring inside your favorite pair of jeans or simply hide your passport under some clothes without anyone being any wiser about it!

So as you can tell by now, wardrobes aren’t merely pieces of furniture that we put our clothes into; they have been around long enough to have a story or two of their own.

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